The finishing details — art and accessories — make every design feel more unified, harmonious and complete. Whether it is for a commissioned design project or styling for a photo shoot, even the smallest items need to be well-curated, contributing to the overall integrity of the design. Serena Brosio Design can help select those final touches that can elevate a design to a whole new level of elegance.

Benefits of Greenery

Styling with plants can provide warmth
and a pop of color in a space.

Power of Layering

Layering in small details such as throw
pillows, flowers, and pictures frames
can warm up and personalize a space.

Embracing Singularity

A unique finish, texture or pattern can
take an ordinary piece of case piece or
upholstered item to an all-new level of polish.

Style meets Function

With any sort of display cabinet, you really
want to curate the various surfaces well so
that style and function are working in unison.

Declutter the Visual

If you have embraced a bold backdrop with
wall-coverings, graphic tile, or a distinctive paint
treatment, it’s best to let that canvas breathe
by not cluttering up the graphic impact.

Less is More

With open shelving, less is often more to
create a graceful yet impactful moment in a room.

Mixing of Genres

Mixing pieces of different styles and materialities
make for a richer and more sophisticated visualscape.

Keying the Mood

You can really key into the mood of
a space through the art selection.

The 360 of Surfaces

To really finish off the design story
of a space, you have to create visual
intrigue on all surfaces from floor to ceiling.

Embracing Opportunities

All surfaces in a space – whether vertical
or horizontal — offer design opportunities.